Go to Hell(goland) - joint Hashweekend Toulouse+Hamburg - June 1st 2024 - Run #658


 Hamburg Hash and Toulouse Hash are disorganising a trip to Hell.

Join us in Helgoland for a unique hashtrail on Saturday June 1st 2024 !!

Where : on the island Helgoland

When : (Friday 31st May) Saturday 1st June to Sunday 2nd June 2024

What : 

  - Thursday evening : Drinking Practice with the Hamburg Hashers, somewhere near Sternschanze -> from 17:00 at Altes Mädchen brewery

  - Friday : Some hashers will take the morning ferry
  - Friday afternoon : we go discover Düne (the island next door) - there are 2 beerstop opportunities - maybe some geo-hashing, ... the boat to Düne is 6€ (return)
  - Friday night : more drinks... somewhere...

  - Saturday morning : 11am : guided tour of the Bunker - 90min, in English - 14€ per person (20 spots available)
  - Saturday - 1pm : Run hared by It's complicated and Just Steffi ; starting at the ferry terminal, followed by a hashcircle - hashcash : 10€
  - Saturday evening: 19:00 - dinner at the restaurant  Helgoländer Fährhaus - (pay as you go) 
  - Sunday morning : 11:00ish - hangover run hared by the Héraultics H3 - Starting from the Youth Hostel
  - Sunday afternoon : bugger off!
Hashcash : 10€ for the run 

Haberdash : we might have some for sale specialy for the event.
The run will start from the main Harbour, just after the arrival of the 12:45 ferry from Hamburg/Cuxhaven.
If not lost on trail, you might be able to take the last ferry back to the mainland on that day (16:30). But we recomand you do stay over Saturday night.

Book your transport to Helgoland yourself (Ferry, plane, swim) and your accomodation as well, if you plan on staying the Saturday night (recommended). Book in advance!
Ferry : the ferry from Hamburg takes 3h30 and costs about 55€ (one way). Other travel options exist from Cuxhaven, Busum,...

Accomodation option : We have booked a couple of beds at the Youth Hostel :  Cost: 125€ per person, including : 2 nights (Friday night+Saturday night) at the hostel in 6 persons/hashers bedrooms, full-board (Breakfast, lunchpacket, dinner).
Spots are limited, first paid, first served.
You might also choose to stay only for one night (same price, but still cheaper than any hotel on the island)