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Hamburg H7 run #656 - Sunday May 5th 2024 - Cinco de Mayo - Bremen

HHHi Halfminds, Everybody made it back home from last run? Or are there still some hashers lost in one of the S-Bahn replacement bus?? As we are now all mastering the ups and (down-)downs of Hamburg transport system, let's attack the regional trains! See how well that Metronom line to Bremen works! Talking about attacking, next hash will celebrate the Cinco de Mayo, an obsucre battle between French and Mexicans in Puebla in 1862, that is celebrated... only in the USA... Who cares? Any excuse is good to drink Tequilla... Here the details for next run : What : H7 run #6 56 - Cinco de Mayo When: Cinco de Mayo, Sunday May 5th - at 2pm  Hare :  UB69 Meeting Point  : Findorffallee junction with Neukirchstraße  (15 min. walk from Trainstation to Bürgerpark) How to get there : Take the Metronom regional Train (ME RE 4), departing Hamburg Hauptbahnhof at 12:15 - arrival in Bremen Hauptbahnhof at 13:25, then walk to the meeting point. A

Hamburg H7 run #655 - Sunday April 21st 2024 - 30+42 years of hashing - Langenhorn Nord

  HHHi Halfminds, Since you all liked last week's cake so much, we'll go on with birthdays and special celebrations : This month, give or take a few weeks, Knickerless will have been hashing for 30 years, and Cruiser for 42 years!! Fun fact, they both started hashing in a French speaking country... (où est le papier?). This brings me to the joke of the day: Why does a Frenchman only have one egg for breakfast? Because it's un oeuf. More bad jokes and mispronounciation coming up next Sunday. Here the details for next run : What : H7 run #6 55 - 30+42 years of hashing When: Sunday April 21st- 2pm   Hare :  Knickerless + Cruiser Meeting Point  :  Outside U-Bahn station Langenhorn Nord 9ckgVsy8eKVEJjzn8   How to get there : Line U1 A to B trail : B is 15 min walk from U-Bahn  Langenhorn Nord Bagdrop  : yes Hashcash  : 5€ + 15€ for the food at the on after On after : At the HTHC (Harvestehuder Tennis und Hockey Club), Beckermannsweg 30. Th