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Hamburg H7 run #659 - SATURDAY June 15th 2024 - Schwerin - Joining Berlin H3

  HHHi Halfminds, The month of June is a month of away hashes for H7. After joining Toulouse H3 in Hell(goland) last weekend, our next trail will be a joint one with Berlin H3. Plus I´ve heard that some of the drinks might have come all the way from Finland.  Who doesn´t like a good mingle?!  Here the details for next run : What :   H7 run #6 59 - Schwerin joint Hash When:  SATURDAY June 15th - at 2pm  Hare  :  FKK + Cyber Donkey Sex Meeting Point  :  Outside the main train station Schwerin Hbf How to get there  : From Hamburg Hbf, take regional train RE1 , leaving at 10:21 or at 11:21 or at 12:21 A to A´ trail  : A´ is 10 min walk from A  Bagdrop  : yes, use the lockers at Schwerin train station Hashcash  : 5€  On after :  Probably Swimstop  : yes of course, it´s a Berlin trail ****************************** ****************************** * Dates for your diaries: -  Sunday July 7th 2024  - 2pm - run hared by Bull's Eye - from S-Bahn Reinb