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Hamburg H7 run #611 - Sunday June 5th 2022 - Bergedorf

  HHHi Halfminds, It's so hot right now in Hamburg, that our hares have found the perfect theme for next hashrun : naked!!   Wait? What? no? Well, when one has no knickers and the other one is topless... what is left then??? And wondering if FKK is gonna show up for this one... ;-) Still, here the details for next run: What :  Hamburg  H7 run 611 - in Bergedorf When : Sunday June 5th 2022 - 2pm Meeting Point : at Bergedorf train station (S-Bahn train S21 or RE1 regional train) - Hares :  Knickerless and Topless Padler Beermaster :  Knickerless Hashcash  : 5€ Bagdrop available Dates for your diaries: - SATURDAY June 18th 2022  - 2pm : Kieler Woche Hash run hared by the Killer harriettes - Meeting point : Kiel Hauptbahnhof. Possibility to get a crashspace on Saturday night. Let me know if you need a space! - Sunday July 3rd 2022 - 2pm : HARES NEEDED - Please volunteer - Sunday July 17th 2022  - 2pm : run hared by Booze and Squashed Flat - l

Hamburg H7 run #610 - SATURDAY May 14th 2022 - Lauenburg

  HHHi Halfminds, Here comes another SOTE (South of the Elbe) run... but will it really start south of the river? It could also be a fantastic opportunity to run in 3 different Bundeslaender in 1 Hashtrail... but... should you trust the hares for that, when they are already trying to confuse the pack by setting a run on a  Saturday !!??!! Still, here the details for next run: What : Hamburg H7 run 610 - in Lauenburg an der Elbe When :  SATURDAY  May 14th 2022 - 2pm Meeting Point  : at Lauenburg/Elbe train station - Hare :   Spermdonor + Ale Zumba Beermaster  :    Spermdonor  + Ale Zumba Hashcash  : 5€ Bagdrop available A to B run  (B 15 min walk from A) How to get there  : Check it out on your little travel Apps.  You can get there with an HVV ticket, zone A-E (or get the 9-Uhr day ticket). Here the latest connexion you should take, if departing from Hauptbahnhof : 12:57 RE train to Lueneburg (direction Hanover), then change there to get the 13:4