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Hamburg H7 run #605 - March 6th 2022 - in Kiel

  HHHi Halfminds, Next run is gonna be a killer! hahaha... well, the joke works for a French person, but not sure it's translates well into other languages... at least I'm happy about it! We will be on the road again Sunday, traveling north to Kiel, where a very cultural and maritime trail has been plotted by our local harriettes. Another occasion to show up in your best seamen or sailor costume!   Here the details : What : Hamburg H7 run 605 in Kiel When : Sunday March 6th 2022 - 2pm Meeting Point :  Arkonastrasse 1, 24106 Kiel -  Maritimes Viertel, Kultur am Kanal  Hares :  I AM SIENCE!! + Cruiser Hashcash : 5€ A to A run Bag drop and WC available at the start + Museum visit included! How to get there : From Kiel Station take one of the busses suggested in map attached. Party train from Hamburg : For those too stupid to read the documentation or just wanting to travel with loudly singing fellow hashers, here is the plan: We

Hamburg H7 run #604 - Feb 20th 2022 - Harburg

 HHHi Halfminds, Next weekend, exceptionnaly for you, a run by the only H8 in the world!! Try and count it yourself if you don't believe me : H ansestadt H amburg Harburg H ash H ouse H arriers H ummel H ummel ! At last run, we were promised that the trail would be set by a blind dog... what could possibly go wrong??? Here the details of next run: What : Hamburg H7 run 604   When : Sunday February 20th 2022 - 2pm Meeting   Point  : at Harburg Train station Exit to "Parkhaus"at Neuländer Platz   How to get there : S-Bahn train S3 / S31 or Metronom train Hares :  Olaf some Gangbang+ Eye of the Tiger Hashcash  : 5€ A to A run Bag drop car available On after : Caspari Restaurant And dates for your diaries: -Sunday March 6th 2022 - 2pm : run hared by the killer harriettes: Cruiser + I AM SCIENCE!! + Just Simone in Kiel -Sunday March 20th 2022 - 2pm : St Patrick's run hared by Knickerless - Sunday April 3rd 2022 - 2pm :run hared by