Hamburg H7 run #605 - March 6th 2022 - in Kiel

 HHHi Halfminds,

Next run is gonna be a killer! hahaha... well, the joke works for a French person, but not sure it's translates well into other languages... at least I'm happy about it!

We will be on the road again Sunday, traveling north to Kiel, where a very cultural and maritime trail has been plotted by our local harriettes.
Another occasion to show up in your best seamen or sailor costume!  

Here the details :

What: Hamburg H7 run 605 in Kiel
When: Sunday March 6th 2022 - 2pm
Meeting PointArkonastrasse 1, 24106 Kiel -  Maritimes Viertel, Kultur am Kanal 

HaresI AM SIENCE!! + Cruiser
Hashcash : 5€
A to A run
Bag drop and WC available at the start + Museum visit included!
How to get there : From Kiel Station take one of the busses suggested in map attached.
Party train from Hamburg : For those too stupid to read the documentation or just wanting to travel with loudly singing fellow hashers, here is the plan:
We are taking the 12:08 train from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (don't miss it!), then the bus together.

Tickets : we can use the Schleswig-Holstein Gruppen ticket. If you want to be on those tickets, let me know before Friday, per mail or on the H7 Drinking practice WhatsApp group. (no, this is not gonna be a big f#ck up at all...)

And dates for your diaries:

-Sunday March 20th 2022 - 2pm : St Patrick's run hared by Knickerless - Meeting point: U-Bahn Hammerkirche

- Sunday April 3rd 2022 - 2pm :run hared by Longshanks- Meeting point: Museumshafen Övelgönne
-Sunday April 17th 2022 - 2pm : Easter bunny run hared by Bundeslicker -  Meeting point: S-Bahn Neuwiedenthal

-Sunday May 1st 2022 - 2pm : HARES NEEDED-Sunday May 15th 2022 - 2pm : HARES NEEDED