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Hamburg H7 run #623 - Sunday December 4th 2022 - Hagendeel + Rego for Christmas run!

 HHHi Halfminds, Hashers are known to be big kids. Well our next trail is gonna be set by an actual kid! Child labour?? Sure, but monitored by the proud father. (+ read a bit further down to register to Christmas run) Here the details for next run: What : Hamburg H7 run 623 - in Hagendeel When : Sunday December 4th 2022 - 2pm Hares :  Battery Operating Boyfriend and his son Meeting Point  : Hagendeel U-Bahn station  (line U2) T2VTDcWAiCSLbtUJ9   Bagdrop  : Yes  Hashcash  : 5€ ****************************** ****************************** * H7 CHRISTMAS Run  : On Saturday 17th December, starting at 1pm at Hotel Hafen (Landungsbruecken) followed by a dinner at Blocksbrau Brewery at 6pm. (Set food formula).  Spots are limited , so register now here : RTJkFDXWyCRVtNis8 ****************************** ****************************** * Dates for your diaries: - SATURDAY December 17th  - 1pm : Christmas run + dinner hared by Longschanks, and the danish 

Hamburg H7 run #622 - Sunday November 20th 2022 - Bremen

  HHHi Halfminds, What do you get if you add 622 + 40 + 69 ? No, it's not the winning number for the lottery or an exotic sex position. It's just our next hashtrail in Bremen! Here the details for next run: What : Hamburg H7 run 622 - in Bremen When : Sunday November 20th 2022 - 2pm Meeting Point  : Martinianleger (river Weser next to Bremen's town center) Getting there:  Get organized for the ride to Bremen by train with the Niedersachsenticket. We'll leave with the 12:15 Metronom RE4 train from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof. Be on time! From Bremen Hbf it's a 20 minute walk to the meeting place or we take the bus or tram.  A to B run Bagdrop  : Yes (incl. transportation to "B") Hare :  WD40 & UB69 Hashcash  : 5€ On after  : at "B" (in fact very close to "A") Special venues: Three delightfull beerstops at breathtaking places, shortcutting opportunities, hot food at a well tempered private place