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Hamburg H7 run #617 - Sunday September 4th 2022 - Invading Altona

  HHHi Halfminds, Our hares for next run seem to have something to prove : after being recently defeated on the Alster and throw into the water by a danish harriette, they want to reconquer their lost pride and invade Danemark! Like Joan of Arc, a Virgin (hare) riding a Horse!  [Insert epic music here] Maybe someone should tell them, that Altona doesn't belong to Danemark anymore since 1864... And here the details for next run: What :  Hamburg  H7 run 617 - Invading Altona When : Sunday September 4th 2022 - 2pm Meeting Point : Rathaus Altona (Too many Public transport options to list them all here. Do your own research) Hares :  Horse and Just Christian Beermaster :  any volunteer? Hashcash  : 5€ Dates for your diaries: -Sunday September 18th  - 2pm : HARES NEEDED -Please volunteer...  no hares no run... - Sunday October 2nd  - 2pm : HARES NEEDED -Please volunteer... no hares no run... -Sunday October 16th  - 2pm : HARES NEEDED -Please v

Hamburg H7 run #616 - Sunday August 21st 2022 - the Willy Wade

  HHHi Halfminds, WE NEED HARES!! After that subtle subliminal message, back to the ground, or, more accurately back to the water. Yes, while France is burning and drying out to the last drop, it seems the Hamburg Hash finds it funny to get wet again and again. Bundeslicker is disorganizing a trail on the canals of Wilhelmsburg. Yes, holy harriette laying trail on water...  Let's see how many mobilephones will die this time (you guys should know that technology on trail is bad...) Anyway, here the details for next paddle: What : Hamburg H7 run 616- the Willy Wade, Canoe trail in Wilhelmsburg When :  Sunday August 7th  2022 - 2pm (please be on time) Meeting Point  :  Biergarten "Zum Anleger" Am Ernst-August-Kanal in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, Vogelhüttendeich 123,  21107 Hamburg   Mit Bussen und Bahn: S-Bahn S3 / S31 bis Station Veddel  Buslinie 13 von S-Bahn Veddel  bis Vogelhüttendeich    Hare :  Bundeslicker Beermaster  :  you are