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Hamburg H7 run #628 - Sunday March 5th 2023 - Wilhelmsburg

 HHHi Halfminds, The 7th  Wilhelmsburg Winterlaufseries  will take place on Sunday March 5th, starting at 9 am, you´ll be able to choose a running distance from 5km to 20km... Ok, enough bullshit and serious running... we all know, hashers will be too hangover on a Sunday morning to take part to this very racist event.  But to confuse everybody, our hare next week will lay a trail from the exact same starting spot, just a few hours later. That´s gonna be interesting! Here the details: What :   H7 run #628 When :  Sunday   March 5th 2023 - 2pm Hare :   Bull´s Eye Meeting Point  : Outside of S-Bahn Wilhelmsburg : Bagdrop  : no? Unless someone shows up with a car Hashcash  : 5€ Dates for your diaries: - Sunday March 19th 2023  -   St Patrick´s run, hared by Hidden Asset - Meeting Point TBA - Sunday April 2nd 2023  -   HARES NEEDED -Please volunteer... - Sunday April 16th 2023  -   HARES NEEDED -Please volunteer... - Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th  May  202

Hamburg H7 run #627 - Sunday February 19th 2023 - 11AM - The football run

HHHi Halfminds, Balls, balls, balls! Yes, some of us love them. Small, big or oval-shaped... they are addicted to balls! That's why our hares next week have tried to combine the run and football. We will start trail at 11am , and then afterwards at 1pm go and watch the Hamburg HSV vs Bielefeld Football game at the stadium. (You will have to get your own tickets for that - read instructions below) Let's see how this is going to turn out...  And before we get to the details, a short subtle message ... WE NEED HARES for March and April. Please volunteer! Here the details: What : H7 run #627 When : Sunday February 19th 2023 - 11am Hares :  Bundeslicker + Horse Meeting Point  : Outside of S-Bahn Stellingen : Dresscode : there might be one... the hares might tell us on time... Bagdrop  : no Hashcash  : 5€ On-After : we are going to the nearby stadium to see the HSV vs Bielefeld Football game. It is advised to buy tickets in advance