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Hamburg H7 run #626 - SATURDAY February 4th 2023 - Klein Flottbek

  HHHi Halfminds, Freeeeeee!!! After months and months of covering our faces in public transport, we will be officialy able to take our masks off in Hamburg HVV from February 1st. !! To celebrate this, will our hare take her top off as well??? Come and find out at the next hash!! (Please note : it takes place on a SATURDAY) Here the details: What : H7 run #626 When : SATURDAY February 4th 2023 - 2pm Hares :  Topless Padler Meeting Point  : Outside of S-Bahn Klein Flottbek : anS31JSQh55RLcx48 Bagdrop  : Maybe Hashcash  : 5€ On-After : nearby or in Altona Dates for your diaries: - Sunday February 19th 2023 - at 11am - special football run hared by Horse and Bundeslicker - Location : Volkspark Altona (TBC) - Sunday March 5th 2023  -   HARES NEEDED -Please volunteer... - Sunday March 19th 2023  -   HARES NEEDED -Please volunteer... - Sunday April 2nd 2023  -   HARES NEEDED -Please volunteer... - Sunday April 16th 2023  -   HARES NEEDED -Please volunt

Hamburg H7 run #625 - Sunday January 15th 2023 - How it all started... in Barmbek

HHHi Halfminds, And Hashy New Beer! We have all been there, some serious hashing has created Black Holes in our memory, or even worse: Dark Matter in our souls! They’re definitely a large part of hashing, and this has inspired Wouldn’t Chew to tell her minions to organise a special exhibition on Black Holes,  Antimatter (that’s when the R.A. tries to make it look like what they say matters) and the Universe as a whole. This exhibition in the Hamburger Museum der Arbeit is intended for all ages (so also hashers!) and includes art, science and kicking the floor repeatedly (this will make sense, trust Wouldn’t Chew). You can find more detail here: egann The hash meets at the museum at 1pm, at which (now using her full hashing name as this is a very serious occasion) Professor Doctor Wouldn’t Chew gives a tour with juicy hash-compliment science facts. After that, we go grab some fresh air on a short hash trail, before ending up at TRUDE for the O