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Hamburg H7 run #650 - Sunday February 4th 2024 - Veddel

HHHi Halfminds, Survived the Haggis Ok? Never wanna see a Horse in a "kilt" again?? Well, there will be more of those "funny" H7 special events this year. Cumming up are St Patrick's run in March, a 30 years hash birthday in April or a trip to Hell (goland) in June . But for the time being, we are keeping Hamburg hash SOTE (South of the Elbe), or kind of. Here the details for next run : What : H7 run #6 50 - Veddel When: Sunday February 4th - 2pm   Hare :  Bundeslicker Meeting Point  :  S-Bahn Veddel How to get there : S-Bahn line  S3 or S5 Bagdrop  : probably not, carry your own shit Hashcash  : 5€ Beermaster : Sexy Legs ****************************** ****************************** * Dates for your diaries: - Sunday February 18th 2024 -  Hare needed - Please volunteer -  Sunday March 3rd 2024  -   hared by FKK - location TBD -  Sunday March 17th 2024  - St Patrick's run    Hare needed - Please

Hamburg H7 run #649 - SATURDAY January 20th 2024 - Burns´ Hash

 HHHi Halfminds, Anyone still dreaming of completing a Dry January?? Well, even if our next trail in gonna end in milk (you´ll get the joke if you make it to the end of the run), there is little hope that your good resolution is gonna survive the Burns´ hash. This trail is held in celebration of the great Scottish poet Robert Burns, born 20th January 1759, and Burns' night or Burns' supper is a tradition that our 2 half Scottish hashers want to share with you. Don´t disappoint them... Here the very detailed info about what will happen to you  : Please RSVP if you wanna join . What :   H7 run #6 49 - Burns´ run When :  SATURDAY  January 20th - 2pm   Hare and host :  Sexy Legs Meeting Point  :  S-Bahn Neuwiedenthal nKM572nYZZXqhaUr9 How to get there  :  S3 or S5 A to B trail  : B is 15 min walk from S-Bahn Heimfeld (or Longshanks will drive you back to A to pick-up your car) Bagdrop  : yes, operated by Longshanks, your bag will wait for you at B Hashca