Hamburg H7 run #654 - SATURDAY April 6th 2024 - "When the pussy is away" run - Rauhes Haus

 HHHi Halfminds,

When the pussy is away, the hashers will play... (or will celabrate a birthday?)
Our dear Pork Sausage has been away in sunny Ghana for a long time now, and we still didn't have a housewarming party at his new place, maybe a too rough house? Well, as Perfect Mudder Sucker is turning 18 (for the second time), he decided to have a little run and birthday do there. Cake anyone?

Here the details for next run :

What: H7 run #654 - "When the pussy is away" run - Rauhes Haus
When: SATURDAY  April 6th- 2pm 
Hare :  PMS
Meeting Point :  Outside U-Bahn station Rauhes Haus
How to get there : Line U2 or U4
A to B trail : B is 5 min walk from U-Bahn Horner Rennbahn
Bagdrop : yes
Hashcash : 5€ + 5€ for the food on after
On after : All squeeze at PMS's place (there might be food) and then at a local pub for who wants to party on.
Please RSVP if you intend to join!


Dates for your diaries:

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