Hamburg H7 run #651 - Sunday February 18th 2024 - Dehnhaide Carnival

 HHHi Halfminds,

It´s cold, grey and wet ... (and no, it´s not the start of a necrophile joke).
That´s why we are so happy it´s carnival season all over the world! to bring us joy, colors and fun!
Of course that was the perfect excuse : our local Brazilian was voluntold to hare!

Here the details for next run :

What: H7 run #651 - Dehnhaide
When: Sunday February 18th - 2pm 
Hare :  Titanic Seamen
Meeting Point :  at the corner of Dehnhaide and Langenrehm (100m from U-Bahn station Dehnhaide) 
How to get there : U-Bahn line U3 to Dehnhaide, and walk
Bagdrop : yes!
Hashcash : 5€
On-after : Titanic will cook some chili for us at his place! (please let us know if you are comimg)
Dresscode: colorful carnival!


Dates for your diaries:

Sunday March 3rd 2024 -   hared by FKK - location TBD
SATURDAY March 16th 2024 - St Patrick's run - Hared by Sexy Legs - somewhere in Heimfeld - followed by St Patrick´s party
Sunday April 7th 2024 -  run hared by Perfect Mudder Sucker - location TBD
Sunday April 21st 2024 - 30 years of hashing - run hared by Knickerless - location TBD
Sunday May 5th 2024 - Cinco de Mayo - Hared by UB69 in Bremen
Sunday May 19th 2024 - hared needed - Please voulunteer!
Saturday June 1st 2024 - Go to Hell (goland) run, hared by It´s Complicated - in Helgoland
Sunday June 16th 2024 - run hared by Pant in the Country - location TBD