Hamburg H7 run #647 - SATURDAY December 16th 2023 - 🎄Christmas run 🎄

HHHi Halfminds,

Fun fact we learned on our way to Denmark last week : the noun for a group of puffins, is a circus of puffins; for crows, it's called a murder of crows...

But how would you call the group of international hares that will set our Christmas trail? 
Well... I've done some research ... 
"The collective nouns for Hares are derived from the behavior of the animals. A husk is a group of hares that live in a thicket, a warren is a group of Hares that live in a warren, a band is a group of Hares that travel together, a drove is a group of Hares that travel in a line, and a flick is a group of Hares that move quickly"

But the most common noun for a group of hares is a down. Isn't that perfect?? We just need 2 groups of hares...

Anyway, don't forget to register if you wanna join the pack for the Christmas run : 

Here the details  :

What: H7 run #647 Christmas run
When: SATURDAY December 16th 2023 - 1pm
Down of Hares:  led by Wouldn't Chew
Meeting Point :  S-Bahn Station  Dammtor
How to get there :  S-Bahn to Dammtor, Bus 4 or 5, 114, 19, U-Bahn line 1 stop Stephan'sPlatz, ...
Bagdrop : yes (there are luggage lockers at the station)
Hashcash : 10€
Dresscode : wear something Christmassy!
On After : 18:00 Dinner at Hofbräu, Esplanade 6

Dates for your diaries:

Sunday January 7th 2024 - Hare needed - Please volunteer
SATURDAY January 20th 2024 - Robbie Burns' run hared by Sexy Legs - 2pm Heimfeld - followed by Burns' night dinner
- Sunday February 4th 2024Hare needed - Please volunteer
- Sunday February 18th 2024 - St Patrick's hanover run - Hare needed - Please volunteer