Hamburg H7 - Hash run #597 in Friedrichsgabe - Sunday November 7th, 2021. 2pm

 HHHello Halfminds,

Did you know that Friedrichsgabe was founded in 1820 by Danish King Frederik VI? Yes, the Danes are simply everywhere!! Let's see if we spot one on our next trail :

What: A to A Run - (bag drop available) 
When: Sunday November 7th,  starting at 2 pm
Meeting point: AKN Station Friedrichsgabe (line A2)
The hare recomands taking the A2 train leaving from Norderstedt at 13:38, to be able to enjoy a nice prelube beer.
Hare: Knickerless
Beermeister: Knickerless
Hashcash: 5€